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Staff Philosophy

DSC_0182Brookwoods is committed to excellence in the Christian camp ministry. We believe God has given us natural, financial, and human resources to use to His glory. We desire to use these resources wisely, to demand the best, so that we can return them to God as an excellent gift. In terms of human resources, the personnel who comprise the camp staff are the most important single influence in determining the success of the camp. All camp personnel are selected on the basis of spiritual maturity, educational background, previous leadership training, camp craft skills, interest in young people, and potential length of service. It is important that all prospective camp personnel prayerfully consider this type of ministry. There are some who would not be happy or successful as camp counselors, and for their sakes as well as that of the camp and campers, it is best to determine one’s suitability for this job as soon as possible. At the very onset one must see clearly that it is not merely a job or a vacation but a ministry of reaching young people with the impact of the Gospel through the medium of camping. This ministry entails a round-the-clock service, girded by such qualities as sincerity, patience, sympathy, love, sacrifice, impartiality, and complete abandonment to the Lord. The moment any of the camp personnel feel that counseling has become a job; their effectiveness is on the decline. The instructor studies the basic framework of the camp policy and then through their personality, intelligence, talent, originality, and initiative directs their particular area of responsibility toward the desired goal. On very rare occasions does the director interfere with the running of a particular department, and this only when there is evidence of carelessness and inefficiency. By this we do not mean to infer that everyone arrives at camp to do their own thing. Rather the commitment to a framework of service that recognizes opportunity, develops good attitudes, sets worthy goals, and demonstrates the hardships of Christ in daily living. Character traits, which are a vital prerequisite to a position on our staff, are faithfulness, integrity, promptness, dependability, alertness, foresight, initiative, and the ability to work toward a desired goal. It is our desire to treat all camp personnel as mature, trustworthy, dependable, professional young men and women who have been called by God to this particular ministry and by God’s grace will fulfill this calling to the very best of their ability.

Program Philosophy

  1. Brookwoods and Deer Run’s program of activities emphasizes flexibility and innova¬tion to new ideas from staff, directors, and campers.
  2. We offer a wide variety of instructional and elective activities each morning and afternoon so that each camper has a choice in their selec¬tion. This wide choice along with small groups is responsible for happy campers. Activities are offered frequently enough so that there is plenty of opportunity for participation.
  3. What is planned in each activity is up to the respective instructors. Participants should make it fun, constructive, and challenging. The instructor needs to invite new campers to the activity, and handle the program successfully to maintain future camper interest.
  4. Activities are not an end in themselves. We are more interested in the camper and their growth than in developing skills. However, it should go without saying that developing skills is essential to an activity. There is little purpose in going to archery and not learning to hit the target or to build a model rocket and not test its aerodynamics at a launch. But an instructor is rarely trying to develop experts. Generally, the instructor is satisfying a need and a curio¬sity, and each camper’s needs vary.
  5. Since we are concerned with a camper’s growth, it is necessary for as many instructors as possible to know as many campers as possible.
  6. Brookwoods and Deer Run are training camps. Many campers have the opportunity to take extended trips. It is on these trips that the balance of learning skills and developing character best shows itself.