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Why Camp Brookwoods

Break Away from Routine

School… extracurricular activities… Homework… School… extracurricular activities… Homework… School… extracurricular activities… It’s the routine of every young person’s life. Young men crave to break free from this routine and be challenged in new ways, with great friends, in an inspiring outdoor environment. Camp Brookwoods has great activities you can’t do every day such as waterskiing, rock climbing, mountain boards, sailing…

See a complete list of activities here.


Develop Your Faith

Good friends, good conversations, and learning to overcome challenges–these are the things that build a young man’s faith. Real faith isn’t just sitting and listening, it is expressed by doing. At Brookwoods, campers are shown how exciting, fulfilling, and practical the gospel of Jesus is to their life. Brookwoods campers have challenged the world; and we believe we have helped them become deeper men of character and faith.

Learn what hiking can teach you about God.


Counselors/Great Mentors

What makes an excellent camp experience is a great counselor. Brookwoods counselors are hired because of their love for Jesus, spiritual dedication, and passion for camping. They are mentors who are skilled in teaching and helping young boys develop into men. A Brookwoods counselor is the guy you want to be around and the good news is your counselor wants to spend time with you too! Like you, they know that Brookwoods is the best place to spend a summer.

The Waterfront

While Brookwoods has lots of activities on our sports fields and scattered through the woods, we pride ourselves on having the best camp waterfront in New England. Brookwoods boasts a quarter mile of sandy shoreline along Chestnut Cove on New Hampshire’s premier lake, Winnipesaukee. And you don’t have to stay on shore–we’ll get you out on the water to sail waterski, wakeboard, canoe, windsurf, SCUBA, skin-dive, and more.  The waterfront will quickly become one of your favorite places at camp.