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Truly an ideal setting for a camp.

“Stunning!” “Beautiful!” “Wow!” These are some of the words we frequently hear from first time visitors to Brookwoods. From the deep shade of our forested paths to the bright sunshine of the waterfront, every part of our camp facility blends into its natural setting while fulfilling its function.

Our waterfront is without question one of the finest in New England. We are blessed to have a quarter of a mile of waterfront on Lake Winnipesaukee, with exceptional northern views across the lake toward the White Mountains. Our cove has a natural sand bottom which gives us a beautiful, 800 foot long beach and makes swimming and skin diving a real treat.

Most of our property is old growth forest of large White Pines and a mix of Sugar Maple, Beech, Yellow Birch, Red Maple, and White Ash. Our well maintained open spaces are used as sports fields and locations for other outdoor games and activities.


Moose Hall

Moose Hall is the original Camp Brookwoods meeting space. This open barn above the dining hall serves at a multipurpose gathering room for campers. Overlooking the front lawn and the length of Winnipesaukee, the view from Moose Hall is spectacular. With ping-pong, pool tables, foosball and air hockey, it is a very popular free-time space for all the campers.


The Brookwoods cabins are beautiful, traditional summer camp cabins.  The cabins are well spaced along a wooded hillside above the waterfront. The cabins have bunk beds, a sink, and a private toilet. In traditional summer camp fashion, the boys have a shower house, with separate shower stalls, close to the cabins. We suggest that campers come with soft sided luggage that can be easily stored under their bunks. A packing list is available here.